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Jack On The Issues

Jack has a strong record of fiscal responsibility and putting government finances back on the right track.
Over the past six years as a State Senator, Jack has cut state income taxes to the lowest levels in the past 70 years, cut manufacturing and corporate taxes and taxes on small businesses throughout New York State. Jack helped close a $10 billion state budget deficit without raising a single tax or fee by consolidating state agencies, streamlining operations and forcing state government to do more with less, just as families and small businesses must do. State spending was also kept under the self-imposed 2 percent spending cap, even while making record investments in education, environmental protection and infrastructure. Again, all without raising a single tax or fee. Jack’s extensive experience in municipal finance also led him to be appointed to the statewide Financial Restructuring Board, which helps financially distressed local governments stabilize their finances, the Mandate Relief Council, which was charged with eliminating unnecessary and burdensome state mandates, and our Regional Economic Development Council, tasked with developing and advocating for a regional approach to economic development.
As Mayor of Mineola, Jack took a Village on the verge of bankruptcy with three times its tax base in debt and no reserves, and restructured its finances, putting it on the road to prosperity. Over the course of his four terms as Mayor, he reduced the Village’s long-term debt by 35 percent, replenished its reserves and put it among the most financially stable communities in the state. As Mayor, he also served as a member of the New York Conference of Mayor’s executive board and the executive board of the Nassau County Village Officials Association.
With the federal debt at a record $19 trillion, that is exactly the type of experience and leadership we need in Washington.


Our economy has yet to recover from the Great Recession, in large part because of the Obama administration’s failed policies and over regulation. US productivity has now fallen for three straight quarters, the longest period of decline since 1979. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth continues to underperform and is now projected to grow only by approximately 1%. Businesses are having a hard time accessing capital to grow. It seems like the only businesses who can qualify for a loan are those that don’t need one. Simply put, we need to get our economy jumpstarted so that the private sector can grow and create jobs.
Jack is a small business owner and knows the challenges business owners face; balancing a budget, making payroll and trying to grow in a challenging economy. Jack understands that government must create an environment that encourages job creation and puts people back to work. As a State Senator, Jack cut middle class income tax rates, manufacturing tax rates and corporate tax rates to their lowest levels in decades and supported major investments in infrastructure projects which promoted economic development. He also led a statewide task force which developed ways to expand job training opportunities to prepare people to fill in-demand jobs and was a member of the State’s Regional Economic Development Council. He will bring these unique private sector and public sector skills and focus on these priorities in Congress.


Radical jihadist terrorists, inspired by ISIS and a warped view of the Islamic religion, are continuing to carry out deadly attacks against Americans and our allies around the world. As a result of the Obama administration’s executive order authorizing the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, is now receiving billions of dollars in the short term and is on a certain path to developing a nuclear weapon. The funds will undoubtedly be used to finance terror against America, our families here at home, and our allies around the world. The Iranian advance to a nuclear weapon will continue to destabilize what is already the world’s most unstable region. Worst of all, the Iranians started violating the terms of the agreement before the ink was even dry. It was a bad deal when it was negotiated, it’s worse with time.
As a Congressman, Jack will fight to ensure that our military, intelligence, and law enforcement have the resources and support they need to do their jobs – keeping our families safe.


Jack is an ardent supporter of Israel, one of our strongest and most important allies, and the only democracy in the Middle East. Having been to Israel and seen firsthand homes that were destroyed by indiscriminate rocket attacks and spoken with families who lost everything, it is a very personal issue for him and those experiences have helped shape his views.
As a New York State Senator, Jack has led the fight to protect Israel by sponsoring legislation, which was passed by the Senate, to prevent state taxpayer dollars from being invested in companies that engage in or promote the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. He also sponsored a bill that would stop state tax dollars from funding student groups that engage in hate speech following a number of anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish students and faculty at City University of New York (CUNY) campuses.
As close and longtime allies, American and Israeli national security interests are deeply intertwined; what happens to one often affects the other. The current administration has taken us on the wrong course over the last eight years; its policies related to Israel, the Middle East, and the threat of terrorism are misguided. As a member of Congress, Jack will work to strengthen the American-Israeli partnership and protect both our nations.


Clean water, clean air and a healthy environment are everyone’s right, not luxuries. That is why Jack has been an outspoken champion on Long Island for environmental protections. During his time in the State Senate, he successfully fought to deliver state funding for a comprehensive ground water study to help protect Long Island’s drinking water from saltwater intrusion and other threats. He also increased state investment in the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) to record levels. Jack has also secured state funding to help restore and enhance local community parks and has stood up against the federal government’s plan to increase dumping in the Long Island Sound. In recognition for his successful environmental protection efforts, Jack has been honored by several environmental and community organizations, including the Long Island Water Conference and Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington.